September 7, 2015

Interview with Todd Henry and the Power of Your Authentic Voice

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Key insights from my conversation with Todd Henry about Louder Than Words from the Raise Your Voice podcast.

My guest for this episode of the Raise Your Voice podcast is author Todd Henry. Todd teaches leaders and organizations how to establish practices that lead to everyday brilliance. He is the author of three books, The Accidental Creative, Die Empty, and his new book, Louder Than Words.

Louder Than Words captured my attention simply on the title alone. Todd wrote this book as a guide to teach others how to develop an authentic voice that resonates and creates impact.

If you’re a listener to the Raise Your Voice podcast or reader of this blog, you’ll understand why the idea of developing an authentic voice is key to raising your voice in a noisy world.

Listen to our conversation for key insights from Todd Henry about his new book, Louder Than Words:

  • Louder Than Words cover“Cover bands don’t change the world.” At some point you need to make an intuitive leap from emulating other people to have the courage to develop your own voice. Courageous people weave their influences into something new.
  • “Courage means doing the right things even when it’s the uncomfortable thing.” You may not be courageous, but if you want to develop your own voice, you need to be willing to choose courage over comfort.
  • "Cultivate your vision, cultivate your sense of identity." When the opportunity presents itself, you’ll be prepared to make an intuitive leap.
  • "I am profoundly less interested in legacy than I am about impact.” The best way to make an impact that lasts is to approach every day consistent with the kind of impact you want to have.
  • "Your legacy is your body of work.” Your body of work is any place you add value in your life. It’s not just your job – but it’s how you treat your family, lead your family, spend your time. It’s how you sharpen your mind.
  • “Run your own race.” Sometimes our influences become burdens to us. Don’t artificially escalate your expectations based on what others around you are doing.
  • “Manifestos are active.” It’s impossible to read a manifesto without thinking “I’m in or I’m out.” Rather than a mission or vision statement, a manifesto is active. It forces you to say yes or no. It says the time is now.
  • "Your intended audience will change over time.” Create your work for one specific person. It allows you to cultivate empathy as you create.

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