“A concise strategic communications guide.”

“As more and more people get a voice, a voice needs a special stridency to be heard above the din.”
—R. U. Sirius, Wired Magazine

Raise Your Voice: A Cause Manifesto

How can you get people to serve more, engage more, give more, and become champions for your cause?

Do your organization’s brand personality and voice get drowned out by a noisy market as it struggles to find its identity and clarify its message?

Do people think of your organization as a “best-kept secret?”

Are you a CEO, executive director or professional that needs guidance so your organization is focused, inspiring, and engaging — but don't know where to turn for help?

Filled with insights into how strategic communications attract, engage, and retain supporters, “Raise Your Voice” is a guidebook that enables your organization to fulfill its promise and invite people into a story of the difference you make in people’s lives.

"Raise Your Voice" is a clear, concise guide to branding that will equip you to align your organization’s mission, message, and marketing so people are lining up to participate, engage, and become champions for your cause.

It’s more than a book — it’s a framework for helping mission-driven organizations create a clear and focused mission, understand what motivates (and how to motivate) people, build deeper relationships. and tell stories that resonate with people so they listen, care, and act.

This Amazon top-rated nonprofit branding book will empower you to design a culture of communications.