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Marketing insights to help you achieve greater impact by aligning profit and purpose, for changemakers from conscious companies and meaningful causes. Empower your team and supporters to influence, inspire, and engage the communities you serve through branding, design, and marketing in our digital and social world.

What does it take to create a movement with one purpose and one voice?  How can you position your company with a brand with a voice and behavior that engages people to create change or buy from you?

The patio was empty, the tables were gone.  Even the signs and lettering on the exterior were gone, stripped from the façade and leaving the ghostly impressions of letters.  All that was left was a lonely sign on the front door.

Achieving alignment is the goal of the strategic planning, branding, and communications of any business and brand.  To achieve brand clarity, there are two challenges each businesses must overcome.

It may be odd to discuss what is more important — branding or marketing — during a global pandemic and national emergency.  People increasingly look to business and business leaders to provide guidance, reassurance, and information.

In this episode of the Everybody Brands Podcast we have a conversation with Wes Gay about how we should define a brand and what a marketer or business owner focus on now, especially in uncertain times: branding or marketing. 

Brand Strategist and agency principal David Lemley thrives at the intersection of culture and the outdoors and proves meaningful impact isn't relegated to Manhattan. David helped put the Pacific Northwest on the map as a thought leader in design, working with brands that are ambitious, fearless, and out to change the world. He believes a brand should inspire deep and meaningful connections with real people and enthusiastically do good.

Do you know what your customers say about your company or brand? 

Are you confident that your clients and customers understand what your company stands for and how it helps them solve their problems?

Are your website and business affected by the NetSuite LightCMS End of Life Notice? Aespire Websites Made Simple is a powerful and easy-to-use visual website builder LightCMS alternative for entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations impacted by the LightCMS End of Life Notice.

This episode of Everybody Brands between host Brian Sooy and Sarah Olivieri from Pivot Ground has insights that will help you run your business better, your board more effectively, and guide your organization to create greater impact in the community and marketplace.

Protecting your customer’s and visitor’s privacy builds trust, increases brand recognition, improves your business reputation, helps buyers move faster through your sales funnel, and helps you acquire brand evangelists.

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