August 5, 2017

Six Elements of Modern Marketing

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It doesn't matter if you’re looking for marketing plan examples or one-page marketing campaign templates, one size doesn't fit all — explore six elements of marketing to help you create campaigns and marketing communication plans.

Every day, mission-minded leaders are searching for a modern one-page marketing plan that works, downloading marketing plan templates and marketing guides.

A clear marketing plan will identify the motive, message, market, method, medium, and means by which the strategic goals of the marketing plan is accomplished. A marketing plan will identify a specific purpose (why are we creating this plan?) with strategy (what are the objectives of this plan?), and result in clarity: a focused vision for what the marketing plan will look like when it’s fulfilled.

Without a plan, a strategy has no focus; without focus there is no clarity, and without clarity is difficult to communicate to the outcomes an organization is working to achieve.

Why is a Marketing Plan Important?

A marketing plan is an essential business asset of strategic importance for organizations of any size. A marketing plan guides you and aligns communications with the goals of the organization’s strategy and outcomes.  If an organization does not have clarity about how it’s going communicate, its customers, supporters, and stakeholders will not have clarity about what it’s trying to communicate.

“Modern marketing is the practice of making something worth talking about, developing empathy for those you seek to serve, and being in the market in a way that people would miss you if you were gone.” — Seth Godin

First, let’s look at why we found a need to create a guide for creating one-page and comprehensive marketing campaigns and plans. We call it a Marketing Matrix.

During a recent webinar, we asked participants three questions:

  • What do you spend more time doing in your role as a marketing professional?
  • How do you develop your marketing plans?
  • Where do you need help with marketing?

How do you think they answered?

We asked: What do you spend more time doing when working on marketing campaigns and plans?

Where do you spend youtr time on marketing?

  • 23% spent their time on marketing (meaning the execution of tactical items);
  • 45% spent their time on relationship building (an encouraging response!); while
  • 32% reinvent the process every time they develop a campaign.

The last result is not encouraging — that’s why this Marketing Plan Guide is important and relevant for nonprofit marketers.

We asked: How do you develop your marketing plan?

How to develop a nonprofit marketing plan

  • 20% develop marketing plans on the fly or in their heads;
  • 30% of marketing professionals use a planning worksheet of some kind;
  • 20% of marketers use a free template, downloaded from an online source;
  • 30% have developed their marketing plans through trial and error, over time.

Finally, we asked: Where do you need help with marketing?

Where Do You Need Help Developing a Marketing Plan

  • 26% struggle with measurable goals for their marketing campaigns;
  • 5% (an encouraging few) need assistance understanding media options;
  • 16% need insight on how to best integrate media and method in their marketing campaigns;
  • 11% need guidance understanding their audience's worldview (what they believe and how they understand the world);
  • 42% of marketers are looking for help connecting with the right people (it's a universal challenge)

An Excerpt from the Six Elements of A Marketing Plan White Paper

The Framework of Your Campaign

Before you create a marketing plan for a specific campaign, frame your goals and objectives with these questions:

  • What is the goal?
  • What is the purpose?
  • With whom will we connect? (Who are the people like us?)
  • What message will we share?
  • What action will the audience take?
  • What impact will this campaign have?

These simple statements are the basis for the beginning, middle, and successful conclusion of a single campaign. A series of these can be the basis for a comprehensive, integrated marketing or communications plan.

If you begin with the idea that you are creating a marketing strategy, and not simply executing a marketing plan, you will align your goals with an essential foundation, along the engagement continuum through a smart, tactical communication plan.

Above all else, remember the rule of one: focus your communication on one cause, one mission, and one purpose, sharing that purpose with one voice.

Want to learn more? Request the “Six Elements of Modern Marketing“ guide, with our overview of:

  1. Motive (the why of your campaign);
  2. Message (the story and call to action);
  3. Market (your intended audience);
  4. Medium (how you will communicate);
  5. Method (the platforms and touch points of distribution);
  6. Means (the cost in time, personnel, and finances).

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