July 15, 2017

Brand Flip: A Conversation with Marty Neumeier

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Brian Sooy and Marty Neumeier discuss “The Brand Flip,” a whiteboard overview of how customers now run companies, how you can profit from it and create more loyalty with your customers.

Marty Neumeier Brand Flip Podcast Aespire

“I can’t imagine: Does the world needs another article or book on branding?” – Blair Enns from the “Two Bobs” Podcast

The answer is yes if Marty Neumeier writes it.

The Brand Gap. Zag. The Designful Company. With each new book, Marty Neumeier re-defines the role of brand and its influence on your customers.

The Brand Flip defines how your customer’s influence (and own) your brand. As often as brand managers and communication professionals like to think a brand is all about an organization (it's not), Marty’s insights and experience prove we have a long way to go in understanding the discipline of brand management.

Before you listen, download the exclusive transcript of this conversation

In Brian and Marty’s conversation about “The Brand Flip,” you will hear insights on the new reality of customers and their relationship with your company or cause:

“A business only has one valid purpose, to create a customer.” — Peter Drucker

Marty and Brian acknowledge the role influencers play in our lives and thinking:

“Our work is a synthesis of what we’ve learned before until we start to find our own voice.”

 Not everyone is your ideal customer:

“You should have sort of an idea of who your ideal customer is. Not every customer, just the one, the most ideal one.”

As you pursue your ideal customer, you must speak to them with one voice:

“You shouldn’t have the same brand addressing two audiences because that’s the rule. One brand per audience or one brand per tribe.”

Looking to increase revenue? Brian and Marty also discuss why and how design is a competitive resource for your company or cause.

On average, profits are 25% higher for companies with a design focus, depending on the industry.

Look for the Raise Your Voice Podcast on iTunes for insights to help you engage your customers and transform your corporate culture by flipping your perspective on what it means to create and nurture a meaningful brand.

Before you listen, download the exclusive transcript of this conversation




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