August 2, 2014

What Inspires Me: The Power of Words

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The power of words inspires me. The right words, shared at the right time, give hope and purpose. Words create an expectation of reality; anticipation for what is promised, hope for what is to come.

05 short be inspiring 200pxWords help leaders cast vision for the promise of the future. Words give life to ideas. Words and phrases convey the purpose, values, character, and culture of your organization. Words that motivate create affinity and loyalty when the values conveyed are shared by those who believe in your cause.

When combined with interpretive typography and memorable imagery, words motivate people to action, and become a catalyst that lead to changed thinking in the mind, and speak hope to the heart of the listener.

Words give meaning and promote unity. The words you use inspire others to participate in the future that is promised, and the change that is aspired to.

To inspire is to connect the purpose of a cause with the values of its supporters. When an individual understands that their values align with your organization's mission and the cause your organization represents, they become part of the story. Their shared experience gives them a story to tell, a point of connection, and personal meaning. Their story becomes an inspiration to others; their story becomes a part of your narrative. They are no longer observers, but participants.

The impact of leadership is amplified by words that inspire. People want a cause to believe in, and a leader to follow. Choose your words well, and they will motivate people to follow, to donate to, advocate for—and to believe in—your cause. Inspire people, and they will be motivated and engaged. Engage them, and they will become more than advocates and donors—they will become champions and believers.

Words can paint a vision of the future, but words without action are just wishes.

The world is watching, and it is asking: "Do you want me engaged? Do you want me to follow you, to believe in your vision? Inspire me!"


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