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How do you measure how your brand makes people feel?

People buy from organizations they can relate to. Smart marketers measure what matters to their customers to develop deeper relationships.

The first step in understanding is a Brand Reflections assessment to measure your brand’s personality and authenticity.

People profile your brand based on how their experiences make them feel.  A brand assessment will measure brand personality to help you create a believable and recognizable brand & culture.

The way every customer or supporter feels about your brand is personal. Every experience they have creates a measurable perception in their minds.

If you could gain objective insight into how your organization and brand makes people feel, what would it be worth?

What’s Your Brand Clarity Score?

Measuring Brand Personality Strengthens Your Organization

Because people build a sense of a brand’s personality based on human characteristics, it makes sense to measure those characteristics to gain insight into a brand’s personality.

Improve Performance

When team members share brand values, the organization thrives and grows. Differences can lead to confusion when communicating character and values.

Competitive Advantage

Brand personality can help your organization understand your competitors and measure the personality characteristics of competing brands.
Aespire Brand Reflections Brand Assessment

Create Alignment

Your brand can’t be all things to all people. By identifying the behaviors and values most resonant with the brand, you can focus on a believable identity.

Gain Understanding

When you understand how people perceive your brand, you communicate clearly. Your audience listens, trusts, and becomes more engaged.

Is your brand believable?

What happens when your customers or supporters don't find your brand personality believable?

For many organizations, brand identity can become confused or contradictory as brand owners position the organization as being all things to all people.

A brand profile can help you create consistency and believability.

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