Building a Coaching and Training Brand for Win Without Pitching

The success and creative direction of The Win Without Pitching Manifesto, a manifesto of business practices for creative firms by Blair Enns, formed the foundation for the logo, visual branding, and successive publishing for Win Without Pitching.

The Win Without Pitching Manifesto (WWPM) is more than a book – it’s a movement, and any movement is enhanced when its published materials completely align with the cause.

The invitation to begin the project was simple:

I'm looking for someone to design my book, The Win Without Pitching Manifesto. I thought of you because you're a type nut and I think you've done some work on bibles. I'm looking for something simple, but with gravitas. Target is designers. It should all be about the type and use of space.

Win Without Pitching ManifestoFrom its final size to the choice of type and paper, the only thing missing from the book is the scent of aged wood pulp and bindery glue. What we could not replicate, we evoked: the sense of age, the sense of gravitas that the author desired.

Every aspect of design was carefully considered, down to the page count, balanced against a readable size of Emigré's Mrs. Eaves family, with drop caps from Altered Ego Font’s AE Prosperity script typeface.

A black linen binding was chosen for the case bound book, with the title stamped in red metallic foil. Black ink on an ivory text weight parchment paper stock completed the feel of a book of ancient wisdom – the low opacity of the paper stock created a sense of translucency that enhanced the weight of the words.

A hand-lettered monogram, combining WWP, provides visual continuity throughout the book and all other materials, including the epub version and website.

Beyond the book: aligning the brand with the mission

It’s been challenging to maintain alignment with the character of the book, in the practical and inspirational collateral materials.

For bulk orders, a shipping box was requested, to facilitate bulk orders and to have a greater impact on the business development culture of firms. Printed in black and silkscreened in a match red, the box comfortably holds one dozen books, and protects them during shipping.

I just got back from a small European tour. Someone somewhere was talking about how beautiful The Manifesto is. She said she sometimes drops it on a designer's desk and says, "This! This is what I want!" —Blair Enns, author

The greatest challenge was to create a poster that not only included the 12 proclamations, but also the abstracts – the paragraphs that succinctly declare the changed thinking the reader should consider.

Ultimately inspired by the Declaration of Independence (and affectionately nicknamed the “Declaration of Windependence”), the initial thought of a silk screened poster evolved into the concept of a letterpress poster, evoking a hand-written manifesto. The most simple and elegant of the solutions we proposed, the final design invites the reader in to read and reflect on the 12 proclamations.

In the book, Mrs. Eaves was primary, but on the poster it was the role of AE Prosperity to carry the weight of the message. We were initially concerned about how a script typeface would perform on a letterpress, but the craftsman at Exquisite Letterpress went above and beyond to produce a work of art. Printed on Crane Lettra in two colors with a blind impression, the 13x19 poster is enhanced by the contextual glyph replacement capabilities of AE Prosperity, resulting in a distinctly hand-lettered typographic feel.

The Win Without Pitching Manifesto is a cause we believe in, and it’s been an honor to help define its identity the and spread the message.

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