March 29, 2020

Uncertain Marketing for Uncertain Times

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In this episode of the Everybody Brands Podcast we have a conversation with Wes Gay about how we should define a brand and what a marketer or business owner focus on now, especially in uncertain times: branding or marketing. 

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Wes Gay is the founder of Wayfinder and a StoryBrand Certified Guide & Copywriter.  Wes’s experience as a former pastor gives him empathy and credibility to help leaders create a clearer message for their companies using the StoryBrand Framework.

“How we talk about ourselves in the verbal version of branding is something that a lot of smaller and big businesses struggle to figure out.  Most branding agencies only focus on visual stuff. How are you going to talk about yourself in a way where people care, and people understand either the problem you solve or the solution you provide?”

Wes worked in churches and nonprofits for 10 years, including running a thrift store.  Wes began his journey to entrepreneurship the way many of us do: He had been unemployed for about six months and couldn't get anywhere after coming out of a difficult kind of church experience. 

Little did he know three and a half years later being a copywriter and marketing consultant would become his real job.

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While Wes and Brian approach their work from different backgrounds, both help companies integrate and implement the StoryBrand framework, a storytelling and marketing model that is proven to help any business or brand to create clear messaging and grow through consistent implementation.

Wes and Brian talk about how we should define a brand and the interplay between the disciplines of branding and marketing.

And we talk about lessons we can learn from a donut shop about branding and marketing business during challenging economic times.

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