November 22, 2016

Fostering a Meaningful Culture of Communication

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The mission-driven organization creates a purpose-driven culture of communication when its character (its values in action) aligns with the reasons that motivate its followers to believe in its cause.

Be Meaningful Dimension of Culture of Communications Principle from Aespire

An organization or cause becomes meaningful to your audience as people begin to form a relationship with your organization.

People choose to support causes and companies whose purpose, character, and culture align with their personal values. Understanding and speaking to these motivations — with one voice — effectively makes your cause more meaningful in the hearts and minds of your followers.

This is true whether you lead a business, foundation, nonprofit, charity, or a social enterprise such as Tom’s. To your followers, to make a donation or buy a product is a means by which each individual makes a difference in the life of another.

Purpose, character, culture, and voice are the key to building trust.

Acknowledging this alignment ensures the voice of your cause, the stories told by your organization, and the intended perceptions of the audience are aligned.

Through visual communications, interactive experiences, and relational touch points, mission-driven design helps engage your stakeholders in meaningful conversations. Visual design elements (color, images, typography, and design style) support consistency and create familiarity.

Familiarity creates context, nurtures continuity, and supports a culture of trust.

Imagine a continuum of audience touch points that attract, inform, inspire, and engage your audience, combined with an insightful narrative, concise messaging, and compelling stories that make the case for why your cause is meaningful.

These touch points include your website, publications, electronic communications, printed materials, visual identity framework, and social media.

Your audience becomes familiar with and trusts your cause through consistency in experience.

Design, in all formats and media, makes your stories visible. Design engages your stakeholders powerfully, from marketing and outreach to relationship building experiences and interactions.

The next impression you make on an individual is only as good as the last impression you made. Continuity through experience helps you build meaningful relationships, inspire trust, and motivate supporters to believe in and love your cause.

At the core of your organiztion, do you have a meaningful cause? Ask your customers and supporters—they will tell you if it is, why it is, and why they believe in it.

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