November 2, 2016

A Culture of Communication Begins with Strategy

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Be Strategic. These two words should be among the first words shared with your team in your communication planning.

Be Strategic Nonprofit and Cause Manifesto Principle for changemakers from Aespire

Is your strategic plan measurable?

Does it align with your communication plan?

“Be strategic” should be the first words considered with any planning.

The mission-driven organization creates a purpose-driven culture when it aligns its design and communications strategy with the goals of its strategic plan.

Strategy is not an option, it is a requirement of your mission. In fact — if you’ve taken a step back and asked yourself “What is our purpose?” — it’s not only a requirement, it’s essential.

Without a plan, mission has no focus; without focus, there is no clarity; and, without clarity, it is difficult to communicate to the outcomes that you’re working to achieve.

A strategic plan is the outline of goals, strategies, and tactics that guide a communications plan; that align messages with touch points; and that connect the mission with your audience.

A simple strategic plan looks like this:

Objective or Goal

– Strategy


– Strategy


How difficult is it to put a simple strategy plan into place for everything you do?

There’s a clear relationship between a strategic plan (or lack of one) and the goals and impact that your organization is working to achieve. Without strategic communications, there is lack of clarity between your goals and your activities.

  • Your goal should be revenue generation.  There must be a clear strategy between marketing activity, customer experience, design touch points, and business development. When was the last time the marketing department asked the sales team what information and knowledge the customers are actually asking for?
  • Your goal could be fundraising. There must be strategic intent between design, communications, and development. For the fundraiser, all communications are donor communications.

The mission-driven organization manages its activities to its goals, and communicates how it is going to achieve those goals.

What are you on a mission to do? What’s your purpose? What’s your strategy to get you there?

How will you connect that plan with people so they listen, care, and take action that helps your organization increase revenue? Strategic communications, intentionally applied through a design narrative, over time.

Have you aligned your communications with your goals? What will it take for you to be strategic?

Are you wasting money on marketing?

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