April 19, 2017

Four Insights for Better Communications

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These four insights will help make you a better communicator, nurture trust, and build loyalty.

four insights for better communications by Aespire.com

Resist the urge to market to your audience when you should be communicating. Earn the right to market to your customers; nurture trust and familiarity first.

  • “Conversations help build understanding.”Simone Joyaux, an internationally recognized expert in board and organizational development.
  • “Think of email as a ‘gratification delivery device’”Tom Ahern, the leading donor communications strategist.
  • “Read fewer minds. Ask more questions.”Rachel Muir, nationally recognized nonprofit founder and thought leader.
  • “We make a difference by design, not by default.”Bernadette Jiwa, brand and storytelling strategist.

The one thing you'll want to remember with every opportunity to engage your customer:

Marketing isn’t about telling your customers how great you are, it’s about how great you make your customers feel.

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