Design with Purpose for Mission-driven Organizations

Aespire develops strategic outreach and marketing programs that inspire advocates, engage donors, and raise funds for meaningful causes. We empower nonprofits, foundations, and higher education through mission-driven design and communications with clarity. We enable education, nonprofit, and grant-making organizations to build community, raise awareness, increase fundraising, and raise their voice through positioning, brand strategy, visual identity and design communications.

Through our Design with Purpose approach, we also enable mission-driven companies who embrace design as a strategic advantage to influence customers, engage consumers, and change the culture in which they work.

We are a strategic resource to select organizations that want to embrace design thinking and communications to create experiences that transform how their cause is perceived. We work with leaders who want to leverage mission-driven design to radically differentiate their cause in their stakeholder's minds; and inspire their followers to become changemakers. We infuse our client's causes with meaning that moves them beyond branding to design with purpose.

Health and Human Services Nonprofits:

Advocacy and Economic Development:

Philanthropic and Grant Making Organizations:


If you are interested in discussing how our expertise can be of benefit to your company or cause, or if you would like us to speak about mission-driven design and smart communications, please contact our principal Brian Sooy at (440) 809-8970, or email us.  Upon request from a qualified executive, we will send you our client orientation kit.

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