Aespire Receives SharpSpring Silver Partner Certification

October 27, 2015

Aespire is pleased to announce it has received Silver Partner Certification from marketing automation leader, SharpSpring.

Aespire is pleased to announce it has received Silver Partner Certification from marketing automation leader, SharpSpring.

Aespire SharpSpring Certified Circle SilverCertification is granted to agencies that demonstrate expertise and knowledge of the SharpSpring marketing automation platform.

Think of marketing automation as email and user-behavior based relationship nurturing.

You may be familiar with email marketing platforms (EMPs) such as Marketo, Mailchimp or Constant Contact; or other marketing automation platforms (MAPs) such as Hubspot or Pardot.

SharpSpring is a cloud-based marketing automation provider offering a next-generation marketing automation solution, rivaling the industry's top platforms in terms of features, functionality and performance. SharpSpring is one of the most flexible platforms on the market, offering native or 3rd party CRM integration, fully integrated call tracking, universal CMS compatibility, in addition to integration with hundreds of applications.

With SharpSpring, you see every lead that comes in, whether by phone or form, and compare all data side by side to get a full picture of end-to-end ROI. SharpSpring is usually less than 1/3 the cost of other competitors, yet powerful enough to be trusted by hundreds of agencies and thousands of businesses around the world.

SharpSpring is more powerful than an EMP; and more cost-effective than its MAP competitors. At minimum, it will

  • Identify anonymous visitors, and profile leads through dynamic forms.
  • Uncover visitor insights through campaign and behavior tracking.
  • Increase engagement through targeted messaging and content. You can even email attachments, such as white papers and product info.
  • Integrate with major CRMs to validate the ROI of your multi-channel marketing.
  • Make you a hero.

If you want to experience the power of marketing automation in a deeper way, join Aespire's Changemaker Movement.  You don't even need to fill out the form, we'll add you automatically if you click the link and visit the page. We'll send you a free poster, and you'll get a first-hand glimpse into a nurturing stream for your relationships. And of course, you'll be able to unsubscribe anytime you want—but then you'll miss out on 12 months of insight for design and communication.

If you are interested in understanding how this platform nurtures leads, engages your audience, delivers content, and moves beyond email marketing, call Brian Sooy at (440) 809-8970 to discuss how we could put it to work for you.