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Help build buzz for Raise Your Voice

May 26, 2014

RYVCM-Cover-100pxWe're in the thick of the launch for Raise Your Voice: A Cause Manifesto. We can't afford a bus or a world tour, so we're asking for your help to launch my new book for mission-driven causes and purpose-driven companies!

RYVCM-Cover-100pxWe're in the thick of the launch for Raise Your Voice: A Cause Manifesto. A bus or world tour, TV programs, and high-profile parties are outside of the budget. That's why I'm asking for your help.

I’m working with the team at Weaving Influence, who selected June 2-6, 2014, for the book’s “Buzz Week.”

If you’re willing to help build buzz, they’ve created a form for you to fill out, indicating various ways to be a part of the launch.

Or, if you're short on time, I’ve tried to make it easy to share by creating graphics based on the ideas in my book, and including quick-share ideas on my resource page.

One big way to be involved in spreading the word is to write a review on Amazon between now and Friday, June 6.

Or if you haven’t had time to read Raise Your Voice yet, you can mark existing reviews as “helpful,” which assists the overall numbers. Other ideas include:



  • Write a review of Raise Your Voice: A Cause Manifesto on Amazon.
  • Put it on your “To Read” shelf on Goodreads.


  • Consider an article for your publication (I write, you publish. It's that easy!).
  • Host a guest post from me on your blog (here are some examples).
  • Consider re-posting this LinkedIn article on your site or blog.

I believe that Raise Your Voice will change the way the way mission-driven organizations and the nonprofit community think about their causes and how to build relationships with supporters. It’s not a how-to book; rather, it’s a framework of mission-driven design that reminds you that before you do something, you must be something.

With thanks,

Brian Sooy
Founder, Aespire

PS. Thank you to those who have helped and are continuing to help spread the ideas of Raise Your Voice and The Cause Manifesto in so many ways. Not only is it a book about communications, but also leaders everywhere are recognizing its potential for transforming culture and creating changemakers.