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The businesses that plan and prepare now are more likely to survive when everybody gets back to business.

If you’re like most business owners, you’re fed up with spending money on marketing that doesn’t work. You're wondering what you can do now that will give you an advantage now and as the economy rebounds.

Sometimes words are worth 1,000 pictures.  How are you telling your story?

You're more likely to engage readers in the power of your story when the words and images you use are clear and meaningful. Visual design is a critical element that can help you inform, inspire, and persuade people who care about your company or cause, and how it makes their life better or different.

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Your customers own your brand.  Are you prepared to engage with them?

The Brand Flip defines how your customer’s influence (and own) your brand. As often as brand managers and communication professionals like to think a brand is all about an organization (it's not), Marty’s insights and experience prove we have a long way to go in understanding the discipline of brand management.



Do you feel like you’re wasting money on your marketing?

Is your messaging so clever it confuses your customers or supporters?

If you're tired of losing sales, the 7 StoryBrand principles will help you create a clear message so people listen.

Are you tired of spending valuable time reinventing your marketing campaign planning process?

Where do you spend your planning time? (If you're not sure, look at what our research revealed, and come right back to this page). Have you found a consistent and repeatable process to ensure successful outcomes?

This marketing guide features an overview of the six elements of modern marketing: Motive (the why behind the campaign); Message (the story and call to action); Market (your intended audience); Mediums (how you will communicate); Methods (the platforms and touch points of distribution); and Means (the cost in time, personnel, and finances).