Mission-Driven Design Thinking

We work with mission-driven causes and companies that change lives through advocacy, education, and action. We help you tell stories that inspire, influence, and engage your audiences. We empower you to communicate with clarity, and connect your mission with your followers for greater impact.

Every step along the way, every communication decision must be on the path between where you currently are and the goal you establish at the beginning of your journey. Today is your current state; your goal is your future state.

The heart may inspire you to start a journey, but you must begin with the end in mind.”

Mission-driven design will guide you to your goal, as the catalyst for communications that empower you to connect with your audience, measure your progress, and keep your eye on the destination. It is a compass that keeps you on the path of communications with clarity. Design connects your story with the hearts and minds of the people who buy your products or support the casue you believe in.

Mission-driven design goes beyond branding – it is the catalyst that aligns an organization’s purpose and culture with its identity, character, and voice. Through the discipline of design thinking, design inspires and builds relationships by making your audience the hero of your organization’s story, and builds trust through your organization’s unique voice.

Engagement Continuum of Mission Driven Design by Aespire.com

Mission-driven design is a framework that aligns design and communications with your organization’s purpose – why it pursues a particular mission. It encompasses the positioning, differentiation, strategy, design, touch points, and user experience – what is commonly known as branding and communications – and understood by mission-driven organizations as design with purpose.

Aespire employs a brand perception tool to measure brand personality, believability, and guide brand alignment; StoryBrand marketing to create common and consistent narratives for everyone within an organization; and our “Raise Your Voice” framework for clarity of purpose, communication, relationships, and leadership to guide internal (and external) brand communications. It's an integrated ecosystem — yet each tool can be deployed independently.

The most effective mission-driven organizations manage to outcomes; they also communicate to those outcomes through communications that are focused and relevant. Through mission-focused design and content, your organization can inspire and engage people to do great things and make a difference. Mission-driven design’s outcome is beyond branding: differentiation, continuity, and the authenticity of your organization as the one voice for the cause it represents.