Communications with Clarity

Clarity is the path that meaningful causes follow to achieve a successful communication and design strategy, to see the big picture now and help define how to best connect their mission with their audience. We look at the possibilities, open-minded, with a forward-thinking approach.

clarityClarity can help your cause to define who they are and why they really matter; and helps solve the most complex communication challenges. It is based on the principles of the Cause Manifesto, and finds expression through Mission-Driven Design.

Clarity is achieved through strategic thinking that connects your mission with your key audiences and stakeholders. Clarity help nonprofits in the social, philanthropy, college and university sectors become focused in their purpose, character and culture through positioning and differentiation. Clarity enables you to define that strategy through a branding, design and communication plan that will connect your mission with your audience. Clarity helps you create design with purpose, through communication touch points that enhance your audience's experience with your cause.

Clarity is a comprehensive framework of brand alignment, messaging and media for cause communication. It is a qualitative and quantitative process conducted with leadership and key stakeholders, through research and insights that inform recommendations and strategy:

  • Diagnostics: Research reveals the current state, perceptions and context of how your cause is perceived internally and externally. We look at the current differentiation, expectations, objectives, stakeholders, story and opportunities of the cause and the organization that speaks for it.
  • Recommendations: Insights and recommendations for the path to clarity and the purpose, character and culture of the organization; positioning, strategy, visual brand framework, story, outcomes and design touch points.
  • Catalyst: The visual and verbal touch points that connect with your audience through visual identity and design solutions, communication planning and experience solutions.
  • Continuity: Ongoing reassessment of communication and stakeholder connections.

What makes your cause different and unique? Clarity can help you figure that out, share your unique story with your audience, and create lasting impact that changes the world.

To learn how your nonprofit can follow the path to Clarity, contact Aespire. We're looking forward to a meaningful conversation!