January 20, 2016

Webinar on Demand: Delivering Value through Marketing Automation

In this Sharpspring Partner webinar-on-deman, learn how Aespire uses marketing automation and the Cause Manifesto to empower their clients.

Imagine what life would be like if your inbox were full of messages that actually made your days better. Now imagine the results of providing such valuable intel to your leads as a regular part of your communications strategy.

The SharpSpring Marketing Automation platform is ideal for delivering meaningful content that provides value and powerful motivation—and can empower you to engage your audience as participants in your story (and at the same time nurture leads and relationships).

We'll discuss:

  1. Define your audience and create key relationships.
  2. Focus on the wants, needs and objectives of your audience.
  3. Devise a goal-oriented content marketing strategy.
  4. Deploy content that provides value and positions you as a thought leader.

#SHARPTWEET live with us during the webinar!