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Sheffield Village, Ohio, is the first community to launch on Aespire’s new CityBrand Web platform, featuring an easy-to-use content management system and other features purpose-built for civic brands.

Sheffield Village Ohio CityBrand Civic Website Aespire

Mayor John Hunter and the Sheffield Village Council realized their website didn’t reflect the community’s positive growth, forward-thinking brand, and tremendous opportunity that Sheffield Village offers for economic development in Northeast Ohio.

Limited by the inability to manage and update the website in real time, a lack of website accessibility to residents and site visitors, and a website that was over a decade old, Sheffield Village knew it needed to make a change so it can continue to grow.

That’s why is the first website to launch on the Aespire CityBrand Web platform.

The CityBrand Web platform is purpose-built for the needs of any size community, by an agency with decades of community brand-building and economic development expertise.

Now the administration is equipped with a website that empowers designated staff members to:

  • Manage and update content from a web browser with user-friendly editing tools,
  • Maintain archival records so Sheffield Village stays in compliance with State code,
  • Reduce barriers for website visitors and ADA compliance issues,
  • Provide residents and the business community with the information they need,
  • Increase trust, credibility, and opportunities for economic development, and
  • Share the story of why Sheffield Village is a preferred place to live, work, play, and do business.

Creating Clear Messaging that Positions a Community for Growth

Like so many communities, Sheffield Village realized they don’t have the resources, capacity, or expertise to develop a secure and reliable website that supports the goals of the administration, promotes transparency, meets state and federal requirements, supports economic development, and serves the community.

Aespire guided the leadership team using the proven business storytelling model, StoryBrand, to develop a brand narrative that captures:

  • Who their visitors are is and what they want;
  • Clearly-defined problems people want solved;
  • Why Sheffield Village is the preferred place to work, play, live, and do business in Lorain County; and
  • What people’s lives will be like after they moving to or visiting Sheffield Village.


The ROI of the CityBrand Web Platform

Mobile Users


Session Duration
Bounce Rate

Analytics are a welcome addition to proving the return on investment for Sheffield Village:

  • The former site was not mobile-friendly. Now, the analytics reveal an astonishing 32% of visitors are mobile users, meaning more people than ever are able to access the website.
  • The average session duration is over 2 minutes.
  • A lower-than-average 42% bounce rate reveals that visitors are finding the information they are looking for.

It’s clear that visitors are engaged with the site now that Sheffield Village is equipped with analytics and monthly reporting.

Experience the results at

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