Runaway and Homeless Teen Outreach Resources

Addressing the issue of teen homelessness, this Homeless Youth Center campaign gives police and counselors the resources they need to reach runaway teens.

Client: Bellefaire JCB Homeless Youth Center for Runaway and Homeless Teens
Addressing the issue of teen homelessness, this Basic Center campaign targeted two audiences: counselors and police officers, and the teenagers who are at risk.

"Thanks again for the design, I cannot thank you enough. The design has been a huge part of the success of the program... it is fabulous. The kids love it, everybody loves it. I really enjoy working with you.  Karen McHenry Basic Center Program Manager

Bellefaire's Homeless Youth Center is a network of services delivered at sites throughout the region. It leverages Bellefaire's partnerships with community resources to deliver an effective response, both short- and long-term.  The program works closely with the foster care resources of Bellefaire. 

Our process discovered that different communications tools were needed for each audience. Adults who counsel or assist the teens were given brochures that were simple to carry and distribute. Wallet cards were made available that provided crucial phone numbers to teens.

Small posters and magnets are being used to target the teens directly... to be posted in bathrooms stalls and other out of the way places.


Take a closer look at youth homelessness

In collaboration with Belelfaire JCB and its traditional media partners, Aespire created a custom landing page and interactive media resource section of to bring attention to the issue of teen and youth homelessness. Aespire customized the Google Analytics to provide measurable and accurate analytics of media and visitor activity.

Homeless teens landing page


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