Open Door Christian Schools Branding

Open Door Christian Schools logoOpen Door Christian Schools rebrands to position itself as the leading college prep k-12 private Christian school in Northeast Ohio with the goal to increase enrollment and build awareness.

Open Door Christian Schools is the largest private Christian school in the area from northeast Ohio to Toledo, offering preschool and kindergarten through 12th grade college preparatory classes.

Through our Clarity Process, Aespire guided a team of staff, faculty, students, and parents to identify the strategies and context necessary for differentiating the private K-12 college prep school.  By positioning the school as the leading alternative in Christian education, it helps market the school to prospective families, and focuses the messaging in the communications tools that parents and students would use regularly.

Denver Daniel, Head of Schools for Open Door Christian Schools, states:

Denver Daniel“Our new logo is meant to be more than a visual that simply catches the eye. We love the design itself; but even more the manner in which the design connects to our identity. The cross, shield, and subtle internal heart shape displays for all who we want our students to become: life long followers of Christ who depend on Him.”

Creating a culture of Christ-centered Academics and Athletics

Patriots Blue Gray Athletics Shield

Recognizing the  importance of athletics to any private school, Open Door Christian decided to adopt the shield as the core of its athletic identity, in part to avoid the former gender – specific Patriot mascot.

Inspired by the Patriot Principles, the new Open Door Christian identity represents the bold and courageous vision of “Equipping Disciples through Exemplary Education.”

At the heart of the identity is the Shield: a symbol combining elements that represent the purpose, character, and culture of Open Door Christian Schools: the cause of Christ, the heart of a disciple, and the shield of faith. These characteristics unify the Open Door Christian community, and differentiate Open Door Christian from other schools in Northern Ohio.

The Shield will serve as the cornerstone for every visual expression of Open Door Christian’s identity, relationships, and responsibilities. The Shield will create coherence and familiarity for Open Door Christian in academic, athletic, social, or extracurricular environments. As the heart of a living and active identity, it will create continuity for Open Door Christian and its associated Patriots programs over time.

Don't forget the Fans!

RIOTS Squad Open Door ChristianFrom the “sixth man” on the basketball court to the 12th person on the baseball team, fans are an important part of the Open Door sports experience.  Beginning this year, the fans will have their own identity as members of the "Riots Squad."

The identity represents the students, families, faculty, and staff of Open Door Christian as a silent ambassador. It will project a bold and positive perception of individuals who serve Christ and seek to be identified with Him at home, school, and church as ambassadors of Open Door Christian.

Standards were developed to govern the use of the new visual brand in all program areas, from academics to athletics, and shared via Google Docs to keep the standards up-to-date and available at all times to faculty and staff.

Build a brand that inspires and engages people

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