Gorjanc Home Services Rebranding

When Gorjanc Comfort Services said, “Help, we’re confusing our clients!,” it took every part of the Aespire marketing framework to clarify their messaging and tell a story that’s meaningful to their customers.

Gorjanc HVAC contractor Responsive WebsiteGorjanc Home Services was growing regionally as a heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical services provider through strategic acquisitions of existing companies.

Beginning by measuring brand perception, we guided the leadership team at Gorjanc Home Services through a process to refresh and renew the company culture, employee, and customer experience through the StoryBrand framework, an updated identity, design resources, and our powerful digital platform to drive sales and growth.

“With marketing costs increasing and our call counts flat, we had Aespire look at our print ads, digital media, television ads, website, and even our apparel. We were confusing our clients with too many brands, taglines, and messages.” — Phil Gorjanc, President

The problem was that this capacity growth created confusion for the leadership, employees, — and most critically — the customers of the three companies that were marketed to under a team concept in an attempt to unify three distinct companies under one brand concept.  When customers called the “No Surprise Team,” they weren’t quite sure what company was helping keep them warm, cool, and in a comfortable home.

Research and Rebrand for Clarity

To help the leadership and all the employees understand their current and aspirational identity and measure what makes their approach to serving their customers distinctive, Aespire recommended three steps:

  1. Measure the team’s view of the Gorjanc brand using the Brand Reflections platform;
  2. Eliminate the acquired company names and unify the companies as Gorjanc Home Services; and
  3. Create a unified and clear message that equips every team member at Gorjanc to consistently share who Gorjanc is and how they keep customers comfortable in their homes.

Gorjanc Smart Choice Heating Cooling Electrical Plumbing Rebranded LogoAfter the entire Gorjanc team participated in a web-based survey to measure individual and objective brand personality, the brand perception research revealed characteristics of a mature brand that exemplifies a customer-focused organization:

  • A brand that is considerate and diplomatic in nature, valuing behavior that is polite and respects the customer’s expectations;
  • A brand that will go to great lengths to ensure that there is a positive atmosphere where people are comfortable and satisfied;
  • A brand that is enjoys situations that enable considerable interaction with customers and stakeholders;
  • A brand that is determined and resilient, enjoying overcoming day to day obstacles and challenges;
  • A brand that will emphasize its reliability and reputation.

Creating a Customer-Focused Story

“Aespire created a forward-leaning tagline, refined our logo, and best of all simplified our message so now everyone on our team can easily understand it and communicate it to our clients. Phil Gorjanc, President

StoryBrand Guide Aespire MarketingLike so many companies, Gorjanc realized the story they told their customers was about Gorjanc’s capabilities and services, instead of focusing on why their customers buy from them, and what their customers want and what they value in a safe and comfortable home for their family.

Aespire guided the leadership team using the proven business storytelling model, StoryBrand, to develop a brand narrative that captures:

  • Who their customer is and what they want;
  • Clearly-defined problems their customers want to be solved;
  • Why Gorjanc is the preferred choice for the solutions; and
  • What the customer’s life will be like after they choose Gorjanc.

Developing a New Customer-First StoryBrand Website Design

Knowing our client needs to be empowered to manage their content and web presence, Aespire recommended our easy-to-use website platform that offers advanced features for customer personalization that will help increase engagement and drive sales.

Gorjanc is delighted to be equipped with a professional StoryBrand Guide design website that goes beyond consumer-level platforms like Wix or Squarespace and is more secure and user-friendly than high-maintenance open-source platforms like WordPress and Joomla.

At first, the customer-centric focus prompted the technicians to ask, “Where are the photos of the furnaces?”

When the team understood what they are selling (their customer’s comfort and peace of mind in a comfortable home), the light bulbs came on (pardon the pun).  They realized that their primary customers (women) aren’t interested in the equipment— but in being warm, cool, safe, comfortable —results a reliable and trusted HVAC, electric, and plumbing contractor will provide.

The ROI of Rebranding and Clear Messaging

Sales Increase
New User Increase
More Page Views

Compared to the previous year, the increase in ROI and performance statistics for the Aespire StoryBrand redesigned website are dramatic:

  • A 22% increase in sales,
  • A 200% increase in measurable inbound inquiries through click-to-call buttons and a dedicated, website-only phone number,
  • A 92% increase in users
  • A 61% increase in page views,
  • Averaging more than 1200 Click-to-Call leads in one year,
  • Daily lead capture through online lead generation tools.

It’s clear that customers are more engaged with the value that Gorjanc Home Services offers than ever before. 

When you invite customers into a positive and memorable experience with every touch point of your brand — and to experience your brand positively and memorably — you are encouraging your customer to spend time with you.  The result is loyalty and increased sales.

“We are well on our way to unifying our message and we have a clear path going forward.” — Phil Gorjanc, President

Experience the results at https://www.gorjanc.com

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