Conexus Laboratories Medical Lab Branding

With busy schedules and the demands of running a profitable practice, medical practitioners want a diagnostic lab who partners with the physician as an extension of their practice. Office managers want to ensure a positive and convenient patient experience that provides professional support, a focus on connecting with medical offices and patients, and fast, physician-friendly ordering and delivery of results.

Conexus Laboratories Branding and Positioning

Recognizing an opportunity to expand services and increase non-hospital laboratory revenue, Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC) needed a distinct organizational identity that separated their diagnostic lab from the hospital and shared the Medical Center's core values. Equally important, an independent medical testing lab would lead to increased market share and higher profits.

Taking Insight From How the Client and Customer Feels

Physicians want results quickly. A delay in results can prevent physicians from caring for their patients in the way they deserve when their health is at risk.

  • The problem is that a national medical diagnostic lab may not have physicians’ or patients’ best interests in mind:
  • Working with national testing labs (who may send specimens to medical testing labs that are unfamiliar and remote) makes physicians feel powerless and not in control of test quality and results.
  • When tests aren't done locally, time is wasted, and patients worry about the results.
  • Busy physicians grow impatient when they don’t know how long a test will take or when the results will be available.
  • Physicians understand their choice of testing labs affects patient experience. Patients feel inconvenienced when they have to take time off from work and arrange their schedule around the hours of a draw site that has hours that favor the lab, and not the patient’s schedule.

How did Aespire help you define your organization’s brand?

“Aespire recommended choices but never dictated them. They were completely transparent with the rationale for the choices they offered and they listened to our input and used it to set the next course of direction. Not only did they help create our identity; they educated us about the process so that we would make better decisions.”

— Suzanne Leshinskie, Laboratory Director

Conexus Labs logo and identity design by AespireTurning Understanding into Action

AAMC’s objective through a distinctly branded medical lab is to transform the physician/lab relationship and impact patient experience.

Guided by these objectives, AAMC set out to create a new identity to deliver on their promise:

  • AAMC believes physicians want to provide the highest level of care within a fixed amount of time and need a diagnostic partner upon which they can rely and trust.
  • AAMC believes patients deserve to be treated with dignity. Lab tests make many people uncomfortable and scared. They want a positive and convenient lab experience with people they know and trust.

Defining Identity, Purpose, Mission, and Brand

Aespire guided Anne Arundel Medical Center through our full Clarity Process to gain understanding, direction, focus, and connection for the essential elements of this new brand.

Positive Outcome through Connection

The selected name Conexus is Latin for alliance, coalition, or association. The medical inference is to a connecting structure — and phonetically sounds like “connect us.”

The new logo and name evoke the idea of connecting with physicians, affirmed by the tagline: “Partners in Patient Care.” Its personality characteristics are professional, competent, warm and engaging—confirmed by what physicians and patients experience—a balanced blend of rational and emotional qualities that project the aspirations of the organization and how it wants to be perceived by its primary and secondary markets.

How did Aespire help you define your organization’s brand?

“It’s all about the positioning statement. Aespire interviewed staff, leaders, and customers to gain an understanding of our service, both our perception of it as well as how the customer viewed us. They were able to take all of these thoughts and impressions and distill them into our guiding positioning statement.”

Suzanne Leshinskie, Laboratory Director

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