Community Foundation Lorain County Web Site

The Community Foundation of Lorain County is a vital part of Lorain County, Ohio, stewarding more than 500 endowed funds. With such a large number funds, making it easy to find—and give to a fund—required a model that would meet the needs of the Community Foundation into the future. The Foundation sought to create meaningful engagement and opportunity for its supports to learn, give and share through its proposed web site.

Community Foundation Web site for philanthropy and donor engagement

The challenge: connecting people who care with causes that matter

This web site embodies the Foundation's values of excellence, community, and integrity.”

Based on research and insight, the Community Foundation identified several key objectives for its web site to meet:

  • Create easy access for its primary audiences: grantees, scholarship applicants, donors and fund representatives, professional advisors and its nonprofit sector partners.
  • Create direct connections and actions for giving, applying and sharing impact.
  • Embed their values of excellence, community, and integrity throughout the site.
  • Show their values in action through the culture, tone and voice expressed.
  • Empower the staff to manage and maintain content and messaging.

The Community Foundation’s prior experience with content management (CMS) was a proprietary content management system that reached end-of-life. Our philosophy of empowering our clients was realized by developing the site in Joomla!, an open source CMS, a non-proprietary solution.

Aespire combined a responsive web framework with a visual design that enhanced and expanded the Community Foundation’s visual standards. The readability of the site was greatly improved, and all aspects of the site are now manageable by Community Foundation staff, and supported by the interactive team at Aespire.

Empowering the community and the Foundation

The Community Foundation chose Aespire for its perspective on donor engagement, relationship building, and our insights into how technology can enhance a supporter’s online experience.

A key feature is an index of the 500+ funds managed by the Foundation, with a search feature that makes finding a specific fund quick and easy. The donor experience has been enhanced through a one-click approach to making a gift, and the Chief Financial Officer’s work is easier through a custom donation form and complete clarity as to donor intent, memorial or honorary gifts, and fund identification.

There are many reasons why the Community Foundation chose to work with Aespire. If you’re interested in engaging your community, please contact us to schedule a conversation about how we work and how we can help you succeed.

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