Higher Education Compact of Greater Cleveland Report to the Community

2016 Cleveland Ohio Higher Education Compact Report to the CommunityThe Higher Education Compact of Greater Cleveland promotes a data-driven, outcomes approach to promoting student success. Cleveland's civic leaders, educators, and college and university presidents developed a plan to increase the number of youth who attend and graduate from college. The Compact has adopted the College Success Dashboard, an ongoing annual snapshot of student and community successes and challenges.

Rising to the Challenge

Visualizing complex data with a compelling narrative

This report combines data, story and data visualization to present progress and metrics against the rising challenge of improving college attainment.

Learn how visual stories help you simplify complex information and narratives. (and feel with their heart what they understand with their mind)»

The Higher Education Compact of Greater Cleveland Annual Report to the Community tells the story of progress and challenge for college attainment. The College Success Dashboard represented the second year of results on the state of college readiness, access and persistence for Cleveland Metropolitan School District students. The results are presented in the Report to the Community and in an online dashboard.

College Now Greater Cleveland chose to work with Aespire to create a story worth telling through complex data and a continuing narrative of student success.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we made the process of producing this report to the community a collaborative and engaging experience for the College Now team, please contact our principal, Brian Sooy, to schedule a conversation about how we can help you tell your story, and create greater impact for your mission.

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