Lorain County JVS: Ohio Career Tech Content Marketing Success Story

Lorain County Career Technical Center Custom Publishing Content Marketing Magazine Aespire Design

In a county of over 300,000 residents and 13 participating comprehensive school districts, Lorain County JVS is positioned to be the leader in creating the future workforce for Lorain County and Northeast Ohio.

Facing ongoing communication challenges in a rural and urban county and the prospect of declining high school enrollment, Aespire recommended a custom publication content marketing strategy to get the story of Lorain County JVS and student success directly into the hands of parents, prospective students, and adult learners.  The success of Lorain County JVS is more than a story; it’s a narrative being written to dispel myths and change attitudes toward career technical education.

Aespire guided Lorain County JVS through a rebrand and communications initiative, followed by leading Dr. Glenn Faircloth, admin team, faculty, and staff through a five-year strategic vision process. To support the strategic goals, we’re working closely with LCJVS on monitoring and accountability of the strategic plan to support their progress and success.

LCJVS is drawing upon Aespire’s community college expertise to raise awareness of the career tech center and position LCJVS as the preferred choice for traditional and adult learners in a region with strong career/education opportunities.

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