October 25, 2014

Three ways to motivate your Board of Directors

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Three ways to motivate board members. When there is ambiguity in direction, there is uncertainty in followers. Set a course to follow!

chess pieces boardIt’s striking when the topic of board engagement comes up in meetings with three different executive directors, and each have the same lament: how do I motivate my board of directors?
  • Clarify the mission: If the mission isn’t clear, the board won’t know what direction to follow. Work with them to review, refine, and articulate an action-oriented mission that they can own.
  • Create opportunities for experience: Get to know your board members one-on-one. Invite them to to participate in a program event. Help them to make your mission part of their personal story.
  • Cast a vision: Vision is mission in action, laying out a focused plan for how to achieve it will lead to definable tasks that your task-oriented board will follow through on.

When there is ambiguity in direction, there is uncertainty in followers. Be the leader, start the movement, set a course to follow!

Find more insights in this abstract from Raise Your Voice: A Cause Manifesto. Inspiration does start at the top!

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