September 12, 2016

A New Name Guides Growth

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It's absolutely necessary for executive management to be part of the communications conversation at all times.

When what you get is not what you expected

Christian Children's Home of Ohio engaged Aespire to help increase the pipeline of prospective foster care parents for its foster care program.  During our audit and discovery, we learned that CCHO was considering a reorganization of its foster care, adoption, and counseling services into a model of centers of excellence.  With multiple locations known by multiple names within the system, it required courageous leadership to recognize that it was necessary to bring all of the branding for all of the facilities under one name for the benefit of potential clients.

Aespire guided CCHO and structured this process through

  • A communications audit through our Clarity Process for brand differentiation.
  • Strategic Impact framework process to establish a framework for communication.
  • Brainstorming and recommending candidates for potential names that would clearly communicate the combined service center's strategic focus and clear differentiation.

encompass centers logo christian counseling adoption foster care

After a close vote, the executive leadership decided on the new name “Encompass Centers,” along with a complimentary domain name,

Our specific recommendations and benefits to CCHO and Encompass Centers included:

  • Establish clear differentiation: Encompass Centers are Christ-centered outpatient counseling, home based counseling, foster care and adoption services.
  • Adopt the phrase “Christ-centered” as a key differentiator, to avoid common misconceptions that potential clients may associate the word “Christian” while clearly identifying the centers as operating with Christian values to those seeking Christian counseling.
  • Manage the expectations of current staff by assuring them that bringing all of the centers under one common name would strengthen the organization as a whole.
  • Developed a training tool to help potential foster care families to capture their misperceptions and new understanding of foster care after training.
  • Adopt a new name to create a positive and unified perception to current and potential clients.

Your organization's name and positioning provides current, incoming, and future staff with an anchor of values and beliefs.  It gives hope to current and potential customers and constituents.

Communications is the language of leadership.  It's essential for financial decision-makers and executive leadership to have a clear understanding of the direction a campaign could take, especially within the changing nature of organizational dynamics and potential personnel changes.  People and plans will change; anchor your name in your mission.

After helping clarify CCHO's direction for this initiative and guiding them to the point of naming, CCHO chose to end its relationship with Aespire and pursue another direction.  We are proud of this work and guidance that has positioned Encompass Centers for strong growth with a clear path into the future.  We wish Encompass Centers the best for their future!

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