October 25, 2016

Positioning a Leader in School Reform for Secondary Education

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EdFOCUS, a leader in school reform, has a long-standing reputation for thoroughness and reliability.

EdFOCUS is a leader in school reform and has provided customized professional development and consulting services in seven states and throughout Ohio.

EdFOCUS uses the “work-with approach” of coaching, modeling, and collaboration between consultants and school staff. This strengthens the professional traits of highly-effective teachers and classroom practices to engage students in learning, increase levels of achievement, and equip them with college and work-ready skills.

EdFOCUS Website Interface Graphics

EdFOCUS has partnered with Aespire for many years, giving Aespire an understanding of their process and approach to school reform.  We simplified the complexity of their services and approach, and distilled its to its essence.  The EdFOCUS web platform starts a conversation with prospective clients, inviting them to learn more while demonstrating clear expertise.

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