August 30, 2016

Public Affairs Consultant is Making Things Happen

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When you are a consultant with credentials like Carol Caruso's, all you need is a business card and a simple brochure.

Carol Caruso Public Affairs Branding and Collateral

Caruso Public Affairs is a Cleveland based consulting firm dedicated to the advancement of Ohio’s business, civic, and economic development future. Carol’s personal brand is enhanced with an elegant logo and simple brochure — enough to open doors and establish relationships with new clients. These select items empower her with exactly the resources she needs for nurturing relationships and building a client roster.

With a focus on advocacy, coalitions, and strategy, Carol Caruso’s experience as former Senior Vice President for the Greater Cleveland Partnership enables her to skillfully advocate and create collaborations among municipalities, chambers of commerce, and public/private partnerships.

Her simple tagline, “Making Things Happen,” sums up exactly what she does.

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