September 13, 2016

Book Design and Author Services for CEOs and Business Professionals

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CEOs, creative agency, and professional firm authors find guidance on book design, book printing, and book publishing to establish their expertise and enhance their position as thought leaders.

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You've written a manuscript, and wonder, “What’s next?” Who will edit, design, and produce your print and ebook versions?

Aespire guides authors from across North America through the book design and publishing process. We work with creative agency principals, CEOs, and business executives to bring their business and leadership ideas to reality as lead generation publications.

For over 20 years, we've been managing the publishing process for authors and institutions, designing hardcover and softcover books for best-selling authors between New York and British Columbia, and as far south as Austin, Texas.

We call the consulting part of our process “shepherding.”  There are many considerations with book publishing, from format to size to paper to printing, that even for a seasoned design professional it can be overwhelming.  We have found ourselves working with peers and colleagues who have vertical expertise in branding, marketing, and business consulting who need guidance in producing their first or subsequent book.  We're like digital sherpas.

Our book shepherding and guide process continues into cover and interior design for both print and e-book formats.  We see a resurgence in interest in printed books, and the main distributor and outlet continues to be Amazon, the place potential buyers turn for reviews (and free shipping).

Aespire works with authors whose expertise helps business leaders generate revenue, increase sales, and change the way do business. Their books are written to transform processes and challenge thinking for their readers.  Our ongoing projects include:

Responsive Branding DeckerResponsive Branding — Today’s marketers march in lockstep formation with their brand standards manuals, too paranoid to stand out from other companies in their category and too rigid to engage meaningfully with their customers.  In Responsive Branding, Decker shares real case studies of companies that have abandoned conventional brand strategies and found unprecedented success. Through interviews with brand managers and innovators from Fortune 100 companies, global agencies and small businesses, Responsive Branding takes readers behind the scenes to uncover what these brands deploy to stand out in a noisy and crowded marketplace. Decker distills key insights into actionable advice that any marketer, from entrepreneur to CMO, can implement right away.  |  Buy it on Amazon

Smart Marketing GeierSmart Marketing for Engineers: An Inbound Marketing Guide to Reaching Technical Audiences — Rebecca Geier brings decades of marketing experience working with hundreds of engineers and scientists to promote their innovations to technical audiences. Named by The Wall Street Journal editors among the Ten Most Innovative Entrepreneurs in America, Geier details the steps, from start to finish, to use an inbound marketing methodology to generate awareness and demand in B2B technical markets. Rich in data showing engineers online content and browsing behavior and preferences, the book is filled with lists, templates, and examples from B2B engineering and scientific companies in industries including automotive, military/aerospace, consumer electronics, manufacturing, IT, and oil/gas.  |  Buy it on Amazon

Building Materials Channel Marketing Mark MitchellBuilding Materials Channel Marketing: How to Successfully Sell to and Through Residential and Commercial Builders, Architects, Distributors, Big Boxes, Dealers and Contractors – Mark Mitchell shows building materials companies how to grow their sales faster and more effectively, identifying the blind spots that enable building materials companies to grow their sales and retain more customers. Mitchell's book fills the gap in trade magazines or organizations for the building material marketer.  |  Buy it on Amazon


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