December 8, 2018

Branding With Purpose — A Conversation with Tobias Dahlberg

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It sounds like the setup from a late-night comedy show: “Two brand consultants walked into a podcast booth...” This time, there's no joke, no punchlines... just brand truths you need to know.

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...just the latest episode of the Extraordinary Podcast with Tobias Dahlberg, founder of Wonder Inc. of Finland, and Brian Sooy, founder of Aespire, from the United States.

What you'll hear in this podcast is a perspective on branding that puts your customer first. 

Your brand isn't about your product or organization — it’s about the story your customer tells themselves and how you fit into their world.

We love Tobias’ intro:  “This is one of those episodes I really love personally.  We get to talk about branding from a perspective of purpose and mission.  The way Brian speaks of brand and branding is just beautiful to me, there’s not even an ounce of fake or trying to project an image of something you’re not.”

“Brian’s view is really about purely setting out on a mission and being driven through your purpose, and that means doing something that is authentically about caring for customers— about making a difference—instead of just manufacturing an image.”

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