Everybody brands—from the C-suite and front line employees to your customers and donors. Your brand is the story people tell themselves about your organization.

It may be odd to discuss what is more important — branding or marketing — during a global pandemic and national emergency.  People increasingly look to business and business leaders to provide guidance, reassurance, and information.

In this episode of the Everybody Brands Podcast we have a conversation with Wes Gay about how we should define a brand and what a marketer or business owner focus on now, especially in uncertain times: branding or marketing. 

Brand Strategist and agency principal David Lemley thrives at the intersection of culture and the outdoors and proves meaningful impact isn't relegated to Manhattan. David helped put the Pacific Northwest on the map as a thought leader in design, working with brands that are ambitious, fearless, and out to change the world. He believes a brand should inspire deep and meaningful connections with real people and enthusiastically do good.

Do you know what your customers say about your company or brand? 

Are you confident that your clients and customers understand what your company stands for and how it helps them solve their problems?

After reading the protest and praise for the new Gillette ad that calls men to “be the best that you can be,” are you going to boycott Gillette?

If you’re a consumer, you’re a brand owner. Don’t let brand marketers define who you are or what to believe.

It sounds like the setup from a late-night comedy show: “Two brand consultants walked into a podcast booth...” This time, there's no joke, no punchlines... just brand truths you need to know.

If you haven't picked up on this by now or aren't aware of this truth, brand perception belongs to consumers, not brand owners. Do you measure brand sentiment or brand affinity? Typically, you’ll want to measure two dimensions: Brand characteristics and brand behavior.

What values guide your organization to inspire, empower, and motivate people?  Does your organization’s brand personality reflect its values and its unique voice and expression?

We see it time and time again. Sales are slowing, recruiting is down, donations are low.

Then comes the call, email, or conversation: “We need a new (website, logo, marketing campaign, brand identity etc).  We patiently listen until we can explain what the problem really is.

When we say, “everybody brands,” — I’m not referring to the frantic activity around logos, color palettes, or the visual expression of an organization – I’m referring to what any individual thinks about your organization when they interact with its people, service, product, or customer experience.