April 18, 2015

Why your volunteers matter

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Volunteers are connected to your cause and mission, and deserve respect and recognition for what they do.

Your Volunteers do work that mattersEvery month, individuals volunteer between 800 and 1000 hours at our local food bank. Volunteers staff information desks at local hospitals, help churches carry out ministry, and support the mission-critical work of many nonprofits.

Volunteers are connected to your cause and mission, and deserve respect and recognition for what they do, no matter what it is they do.

I’ve collected a few articles that highlight their work and value.

Volunteer Trends

“The close relationship between volunteers and their donations make sense: someone who is personally invested in a nonprofit’s mission – and aware of its impact and needs - is much more likely to make a donation. Nonprofits may not think of every volunteer as a potential donor, but reports such as Fidelity Charitable’s should encourage nonprofits to consider that possibility.” | Read the full article »

From National Council of Nonprofits | @BuildNPCapacity

Celebrate Volunteer Service

“It’s so clear to me that when people engage in improving their communities and helping others, the world shifts a bit – not just for the community, but for the volunteer as well.”  |  Read the full article »

From CauseCast  |  @causecast

7 Steps to Success with Corporate Volunteerism

"Corporate volunteer programs offer a path for companies to find their soul and for employees to fill their hearts. They’re a unique form of corporate giving that creates a direct bridge between employees and nonprofits, encouraging employees to become champions of causes through opportunities ranging from a single day of volunteer service to long-term partnerships with nonprofits. These programs are an excellent way for businesses to create real impact in their communities and to foster a legacy of philanthropic storytelling that prompts employees to get and stay inspired…and professionally engaged."  |  Read the full article »

From CauseCast  |  @causecast

Pro Bono and Skilled Volunteers

“Now there is new recognition that a structured deployment of “skilled volunteers,” through supportive pro bono programs, is an effective strategy for nonprofit capacity building."  |  Read the full article »

From National Council of Nonprofits  | @BuildNPCapacity

Online Volunteers: Don't Ever Call Them Virtual

“…online volunteers are real people spending real time on real tasks, and calling them virtual diminishes their contributions.”  |  Read the full article »

From The Nonprofit Times  |  @NonProfitTimes

Six Ways to Show Your Volunteers Respect

Much attention is paid to donor retention and fundraising. How might your volunteers feel appreciated and valued if you considered them to be time donors? Volunteers are a precious resource, who are frontline ambassadors and champions for your cause. Their service on behalf of your cause is part of their life story.  |  Read the full article »

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