July 5, 2018

Leadership and Power in a Culture of Communication

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Leaders often operate inside a bubble of their own making, forgetting that communication is the language of leadership. The quality of their communication amplifies the conviction of their leadership.

Be Powerful for a Brand Culture of Communications

Many organizations have a communications gap of which leaders are unaware or just ignoring.

I don’t know about you, but I’m drawn to leaders who operate with “deep conviction.” They lead with certainty, demonstrate unwavering beliefs, and are confident of the absolutes that guide them.

“When the leader walks into the room, a passion for truth had better enter with him. Authentic leadership does not emerge out of a vacuum. The leadership that matters most is convictional—deeply convictional. This quality of leadership springs from those most deeply held beliefs that shape who we are and establish our beliefs about everything else. Convictions are not just beliefs; that is, they are not those beliefs that are merely held by us. Instead, convictions hold us in their grip. We would not know who we are but for these bedrock beliefs, these convictions, and without them we would not know how to lead.” — Dr. Albert Mohler, Tabletalk Magazine

Power does not originate with a leader; power flows from the convictions which are the basis for the leader’s deeply held beliefs. Deeply held beliefs are the absolutes that guide and direct a powerful leader.

In the input I receive from brand assessments and strategic vision focus groups—regardless of the type of organization—one finding is consistently clear: employees express a deep desire for leaders to communicate more effectively—and with conviction.

When I ask why, employees express a desire for clarity. Employees desperately want their leaders to align purpose with shared values and communicate their vision for where they are leading the organization. Only then will employees know that the company’s objectives and strategy are aligned with its values and vision, so they know how to both lead and follow.

When leadership practices direct and open vertical communication they inspire and unite their team.

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Conviction is at the Heart of a Powerful Brand Voice

Power comes from conviction—a clearly articulated purpose; a confident leader who communicates their vision; and a mission embodied by the character, culture, and voice of the organization.

Every organization has stories to tell (not just a story). What brings continuity to the stories is the narrative—one voice and one purpose that weave the stories together to create continuity and cohesiveness.

Your organization is not a brand; it has an identity—with purpose, personality, character, and culture—and it becomes powerful when its culture is filled with employees speaking in one voice with deep conviction.

A Powerful Brand Is Perceived Through Every Interaction

Consumers of culture and brands live in a world of perceptions. Everything they see, hear, and experience creates a perception in their mind about the organization with which they are interacting. That perception is reality; how you make people feel is more real to them than what you’ve told them.

All the branding and communications work you do is meaningless if you’re not concerned with how it makes people feel about themselves, their situation, and their hope for change.

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ― Maya Angelou

Developing a Powerful Culture Takes Time and Persistence

One leader can be the catalyst to begin the transformation, but it requires the collective efforts of a team to transform the mission into a movement.

“Virtually all organizations with a distinctive voice have a visionary leader who is unwilling to compromise the brand’s core values; one who creates a culture that encourages employees to live the brand voice. Courageous business leaders recognize the most powerful instrument for them to communicate is to live their brand. They must strive to reinforce their purpose, positioning and messages that drive their culture.” — Alan Siegel, SmartBrief

You can never stop believing—and acting upon the belief—that your mission has the power to change the future. If you don’t believe, then who will?

Be Powerful

Hold to your beliefs with depth and communicate with conviction and clarity. Live out your brand culture at all times. Expand your influence by inspiring and motivating people to follow where you (and your organization) want to go.

“You can divide all leaders into those who merely hold an office or position and those who hold great convictions. Life is too short to give much attention to leaders who stand for little or nothing, leaders who are looking for the next program, riding the latest leadership fad, trying on idea after idea, but driven by no deep convictions. — Dr. Albert Mohler

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