November 30, 2014

How are you using the Cause Manifesto?

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How are you using the Cause Manifesto in your work? How three of your peers are using it to transform their organizations.

Cause Manifesto Poster 200pxI've been collecting comments from individuals who have discovered The Cause Manifesto, and how they are using it in their work.

Three responses are particularly significant. The first is from the executive director of a community foundation; the second from the marketing director of a corporation with tens of thousands of employees; the third from the principal of a consulting firm seeking clarity in their strategic direction.

"I will be using it as a core to a presentation that I am doing for our board about our Marketing strategy."


"I plan on using it as part of my event strategy that I am creating for a business unit. This group alone is over 10,000 people and all want to be present everywhere, but that’s not a strategy and we need some guidance."


"We started using the 12 principles. It was a fantastic springboard into the conversation about what guides our work, interactions and decisions. Ultimately we decided to go with three principles. Without your 12 principles, we wouldn't have had such a rich dialogue. Thank you for sharing them with me."

These responses show that these resolutions are about more than communication: they are leadership and culture change principles that apply to individual leaders as well as the values that guide your organization.

What is the Cause Manifesto? It's 12 resolutions to help you find clarity, be inspiring, nurture relationships, and be courageous. In less than four minutes, you can listen to them here:

Are you intrigued as to how these principles can change your organization's culture and help you find clarity in communications? You can download a free poster, sharing resources, and hear how these principles can help you communicate better.

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