March 19, 2012

Pursuing Significance

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Since fifty is the new thirty, as a firm we want to move from the pursuit of success to the achievement of significance. Awards and recognition don’t matter as much anymore; doing work that leaves a lasting and noticeable impact does.

In order to do that, we’re going to focus even more narrowly on the nonprofit and grant-making sectors, and develop our expertise in nonprofit communications even deeper. As we separate our services for for-profit sector from the nonprofit sector, we’ll apply the best practices to help our clients succeed.

As often as we share the knowledge, we have to remind those with whom we work that we understand nonprofits from our experience in them. Members of our staff sit on the board of a food bank, volunteer with an economic development organization, and serve within churches in internal and external roles. Our knowledge isn’t theoretical marketing blather; we talk with executive directors, with board members, with donors, volunteers, program officers and grant-making professionals.

We’re communicators to nonprofit audiences, and members of those audiences.  We’re donors and advocates and believers in the causes we support and work with.

We’re committed to working with causes that matter, and to empowering them to communicate with clarity. After 16 years, it’s clear where we need to lead our clients. We hope you’ll follow.

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