SquawQR Mobile Content Channels

MacOSX Screen AdvantageA mobile media channel connects your content with your specific audience. Targeted and intentional, your content meets your audience where they are, with content specifically for them on any device, anywhere. Each channel works on any internet-connected device (phone, tablet, and desktop) and retrieves data only when the channel is loaded. This aspect is a key advantage of a Aespire SquawQR solution: they don’t require storage space or software updates.

Traditional mobile apps are downloaded from an app store (such as iTunes or Google Play), require constant updates, and take up space on a user’s phone or mobile device. Squawqr channels load into a device’s web browser, and create a consistent, targeted user experience on phones, tablets, or desktop devices.

Aespire’s mobile channel showcases many of the core features of SquawQR channels. Visit to see it in action, and explore more examples.

Each unique mobile channel is accessible from a unique URL or a QR code. The “QR” in the name represents how deeply QR code technology is integrated. 

Curious? See it in action at app.aespire.com.

SquawQR from Aespire empowers users to change the channel’s unique QR code on demand to track users. For example, if a sales representative wants to share a catalog with a customer, she can share a unique QR code with them. When the code is used to find or search the catalog, the sales rep obtains valuable marketing metrics based on that QR code.

Content in a SquawQR mobile channel is managed via Google Docs, with additional features that integrate content and data feeds. Clients own and manage all content, with the ability to make changes at any time, from any device.

An Aespire SquawQR mobile channel supports shared content management. A team of users are able to manage specific content, such as schedules, calendars, or directories, depending on the content for which they are responsible.

Mobile first, user focused content is ideal for companies, nonprofits, member associations, colleges, and universities to connect with their audience through audience-specific, targeted channels dedicated specifically to the most important person in your world: Your followers, customers, or audience.

Potential uses for your mobile channel powered by SquawQR include:

SquawQR is the latest addition to the Aespire Insight Marketing Platform (AiM), a suite of resources that empower clients to create one-to-one marketing and communications. This approach to digital marketing enables causes and companies to nurture leads and relationships through audience-specific content marketing, and measure the return on engagement and influence (ROE & ROI) of their one-to-one relationship marketing.

AiMM enhances Aespire’s branding, marketing, and communication disciplines that empower our clients to raise their voice, engage their com­munities, expand their influence, and create extraodinary impact.

SquawQR is the best mobile media channel for everyone, everywhere. SquawQR is smart mobile for smart users. For an overview of the AiM Platform, or to begin a conversation and start a mobile channel for your company or cause call Brian Sooy at (440) 809-8970.

Aespire is a SquawQr Mobile Media Platform Authorized Reseller.