Branding, Design, and Communications for Grantmakers

Strategic communication for grantmakers and foundations begins with the board of directors empowering the president, executive director, and communications officers to advance the mission, and support the collective impact of their giving and fundraising initiatives.

From positioning to culture alignment and cohesive communications programs, it's critical that the foundation's values, giving initiatives and vision are aligned with the communication touch points that connect them with grant seekers, donors, and stakeholders.

We can help your grantmaking or direct support organization find its voice, and make your followers want to be part of your story.

Aespire works with family foundation, community foundation, private and corporate foundations, and other grantmaking organizations.

Aespire helps leaders like you sustain your brand, clarify your message, and engage your audience.

Spend 30 minutes with Brian Sooy to learn how you can experience clarity at (440) 809-8970, or email us.

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