Insight Marketing for Causes, Companies, and Corporate Citizenship

Content marketing for corporate citizenship and social sector

Why do you search the internet? Because you're looking for information, answers to questions, solutions to problems, and insights to grow in knowledge and understanding.

You're searching—and so are your customers, advocates, and supporters. If you're not creating your own content, you're allowing your competing organizations to control what your potential audience is reading and thinking about your organization. It's like being invited to a karaoke party, where the song list is missing your favorites.

Insight marketing is a strategic approach to creating meaningful content that challenges the curious, clarifies knowledge, and builds confidence in the reader. It's content that adds meaning and value for your audience. It's content that can inform, inspire, and engage. You want your audience to be singing your song, and to become familiar with your voice.

Aespire develops custom insight marketing strategies that align with your strategic communication and marketing. It's targeted, focused, and developed with keen insight into your audience and their motivations. It's perfect for colleges, nonprofits, and foundations—and the corporate citizens that support them.

Aespire also advises corporations and social enterprises on how visual communication and content marketing builds customer loyalty and has the potential to increase profits.

Why use insight marketing?

  • Provides greater perceived value than traditional content marketing.
  • Communicate with customers and prospects without selling or interrupting.
  • Share relevant information that makes your audience smarter.
  • Content strategy marketing can attract and retain donors, new customers, and nurture alliances.
  • Enhance your position in the marketplace with expertise and relevant insights.

Who uses insight marketing?

  • Aespire serves colleges and universities with custom magazines and content marketing. Our proven approach of research-driven content, combined with integrated print, online, and social media, yields measurable results and return on investment.
  • Colleges and universities can benefit from custom alumni magazines from experts in content, publication design, and best practices in alumni relations.
  • Nonprofits build loyalty, affinity, and credibility as trustworthy and expert sources on key issues.
  • Corporations see greater engagement, customer loyalty, and drive greater profits when content marketing focuses on corporate citizenship and corporate social responsibility. Results of employee volunteer engagement are measurable through multiple platforms.

Insight marketing is the content thread that weaves together the Engagement Continuum—how you engage your audience through mission-driven design and communication with clarity.

How can we help you connect with the communities you serve through a content and insight marketing strategy? Contact Ernie Farabaugh (216) 408-5071 at to create more loyal customers and affinity for your cause.