Raise Your Voice: A Cause Manifesto

Raise Your Voice: A Cause Manifesto is a guide to branding your nonprofit, marketing communications strategy and framework, and competitive positioning for leaders of purpose-driven organizations who desire to align their communications through strategy, design, and purpose. Raise Your Voice is a framework for understanding how your organization’s identity represents your cause, and moves your organization beyond branding.

Every day, meaningful causes are trying to rise above the noise and be heard. Is your nonprofit or philanthropy one of them?

This Amazon top-rated nonprofit branding book will empower you to design a culture of communications.


Raise Your Voice A Cause Manifesto by Brian Sooy

The principles of The Cause Manifesto will help you lead your organization through four dimensions of culture and communications. Strategic, inspirational communications, relationship building, and visionary principles will empower you and developing leaders around you to communicate with clarity, transform your culture, and through strategic brand storytelling advance your mission more powerfully and effectively.

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Together, mission-driven design and the Cause Manifesto provide your nonprofit or values-focused business with the foundation for effective cause marketing and communications. You'll learn how to inspire your followers, and connect them with your mission and impact. It will help you unite your organization's purpose, character, culture, and voice to create a unique identity your donors and advocates will love. It will help you understand the difference between your purpose, mission, and vision—and why it matters.

This book is for anyone who supports and believes in a meaningful cause. It's written for leaders and change makers of causes and companies who want to make a positive impact and create a culture of philanthropy. Executive directors and effective board of directors are changing organizational culture and non profit marketing strategy. Nonprofit professionals learn more powerful ways to communicate impact and outcomes. Development and fundraising professionals who know how to fundraise find the principles are relevant to nurturing donor relationships.

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Every day, meaningful causes and companies are trying be seen, be heard, and understood. The Cause Manifesto will renew your cause marketing and nonprofit communications, and inspire your donors and advocates to serve more, give more, and engage more.