June 11, 2017

35 years of Growing Hope

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As Second Harvest Food Bank of North Central Ohio celebrates 35 years of growing hope, a simple campaign and flexible system helps them tell the story.

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In 1967, John Van Hengel's heart prompted him to begin a journey. 35 years later the mission he may have had in mind is still relevant: more food, growing hope, and healthier communities.

35yrs SHFB 400pxJohn volunteered in the soup kitchen of a Catholic church in Phoenix. He bought an old milk delivery truck and used it gather citrus fruit gleaned from farmer’s fields which he delivered to the soup kitchen and homeless missions. When he realized the volume of food that was being thrown away by farmers and grocery stores, his goal was to create a more efficient method to distribute food. So, with a $3,000 donation from St. Mary’s church and a donated building – food banking was started. (Read the full story here)

35 years Second Harvest BannerFast-forward to 2017 in North Central Ohio, you will find Second Harvest Food Bank serving for counties and thousands of children, families, and seniors. Their efforts to end hunger and grow hope are supported by thousands of private and foundation donors and hundreds of volunteer hours every month.

With a simple system of typography and images, Second Harvest tells their story of 35 years of serving the community.

Aespire congratulates Second Harvest for its work and faithfulness to its mission and the people whose circumstances they help change. We are proud to support second harvest and its efforts, and grateful for our ongoing and long-term relationship with them.

Our team is proud to be part of their story and a cause that matters. We have served on their board, volunteered in the Nordson Food Distribution Center, and continue to be a fierce advocate for their mission. They challenge us to help find solutions to marketing, communications, design, and fundraising challenges. They’ve inspired us with their narrative and stories.

We believe with them that together we are doing even more than just feeding people. Second Harvest and their supporters are Growing Hope.